Sunday, February 9, 2014

Whats happening in my little corner of the world....

Well, there have been a lot of things going on since my last post. I have finally come to terms that my students behavior is not going to get any better if I keep doing what I have been doing. This is changing everyday.

A few things have happened since my last post and one of those was I was observed for the final time this year. This observation was moved back a couple of times because of the snow and cold weather. I was overly worried about this observation because the students had been acting like a caged animal that was just released. I was surprised that they were acting exceptional for their normal behavior. I did, however, have one student who decided to take it upon themselves to act out and be off task for most of the class period.

Whats going on in 7th Grade:
1. Students just finished up a short Microscope Unit
          * Finally got to use the microscopes I wrote a grant for at the beginning of the year.

2. Students are currently in the middle of a Measurement Unit
          * Trying to help out the math teacher and get this covered.

3. Going to start an Ecology Unit soon
          * Hatching eggs with the Kindergartens

Whats going on in 8th Grade:
1. Finishing up the Reteach Unit on Plate Tectonics
          * Feels like its taking for every and that is because all of the snow days

2. Going to have some guest soon
          * Tech Coach is coming to visit on Monday to help teach Kids Blog
          * I was asked if I would allow other teachers to come in to the room and see what I was doing    with Google Drive and Kids Blog.
          * I created an ITunes U course for the review day that consist of Google Forms, a Responder Scavenger Hunt and Create Your Own Assessment Blog

3. Going to start a Weather PBL soon
          * Creating an ITunes U Course for the students to use during this unit
          * Students are going to be blogging and creating a weather broadcast

So much going on.......


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