Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Starting the Process for the Gen 1 Project

Times are changing....

This year I am embarking on a journey of major technology and curriculum adventures. Of course this process would not be possible without the help from the many other people in our district that we all rely on. I have started a process of changing the way I incorporate technology into my curriculum and classroom. I am not only incorporating technology but redefining what my students are doing with that technology.  

I started this process at the end of last year by writing one of my first grants every called the Paperless Classroom. Of course being paperless is huge task for any 2nd year teacher but with the help of many people I am going to begin this journey starting the first day of school. The students are still note-booking but only as needed and to write rough drafts for reports. Once done with their rough drafts they will be imputing the material into Google Drive. Their reports will be totally electronic, no more taking home stacks of papers. 

This is no easy tasks for any teacher to go paperless and there is a lot of leg work to be down. One of the first things that I had to was sit down with my tech coach and go over our roll out plan. 

Step 1: Figure out what I want it to look like (beginning and ending)
Step 2: Step up a Google form (to assess students prior knowledge/usage), a generic email and folders
Step 3: Set up my Edmodo class groups (which is where the students will find their assignment and bell-work for the day) 
Step 4: Learn how to use my clock/alarm feature on my IPad (this is more for me not the students) 
Step 5: Schedule out several meetings with your awesome tech and academic coaches 
Step 6: Schedule Silent days (build up to a full class period but practicing)
Step 7: REFLECT on Silent day activities and curriculum changes 
Step 8: Figure out curriculum and get stuff posted to Google Drive and Edmodo 
Step 9: Model, Model, Model 
Step 10: Have fun and learn with the students

These are just a few of the items in my list and most of these are extremely broad. When changing the way you are teaching and learning you will need assistance...do not do it on your own. 

If it does not work fix it. My mind is still swimming from all the excitement. Changes are coming..... 

               Ashley Keeling 


  1. Silent learning days are going to be interesting. Funneling all conversation through tech like comments in google drive and Edmodo. So excited to hash this all out and see where it takes us!!!

  2. I know I am wandering how long it will take to do the entire hour but I will be patient to see the out come of our trial runs.