Monday, July 29, 2013

Curriculum Work.....OH MY!


Well the last few days I have been working side-by-side with my colleges in the Science department of District 61. We have been remapping the curriculum to fit the new common core science standards, also know as Next Generation Science Standards. This has been a long process but a good one. I understand what is expected of my students and myself. Being able to work with my colleges allows for collaboration across the district. This has helped with me with my planning for this years activities. This has also helped me to set a foundation for what I plan on doing this year in my classroom.

Once notes are created and activities are found it is time to put all of that into Google Drive. I am still working on my list from my previous post but it is a work in progress. If you can map out your curriculum for an entire year and have the assessments to go along with it, then it allows for a smoother process. Many of my changes will not only be in how I deliver my curriculum but also in my classroom management style. I am interested to see how the students react to this years classroom but as long as I stick to it then there should be no problem.

Changes are coming.....

Ashley Keeling

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