Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Well this last couple of weeks I have been waiting to see if and when I will retrieve my Gen 1's and the wait may be over soon. I am super excited and surprised that I am getting them so early. Even though I would have loved to start the year off with them but I understand the stress that our IT and Technology Departments deal with in our district. Every year has its own set of problems. 

School started last Wednesday and I have been learning my students as well as relearning some of my 8th grade students. This is no easy task because I still cannot pronounce some of their names correctly. During this process we have done a Google Drive Training and during this training we taught the students about Google drive. The students learned how to log in, create a folder, create a doc, and share that doc with me. Tomorrow the student will start their work on their Super Scientist Google Presentation, which is a small research project that we are going to start the year with. This project is also what we are going to use for our "Quiet Days" or "Silent Days". Our first trial run is this Friday and only for 5 minutes. The only means of communication is through Google Drive or Edmodo. I am interested to see how the students do, I mentioned it to them today. 

Well my every growing to do list keeps getting longer on top of the Gen 1 Process to do list I have. I hope for a smooth process but I know that will not happen. Learning to go on the fly but still keep control is a goal of mine this year because I know nothing new is easy and if you want it to work then you have to deal with the lows. 

Change is here.......

Ashley Keeling 

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