Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exciting and Scary Times Ahead....Are You Ready for the Ride????

Well, the Gen 1's have arrived and are waiting on my training, as well as the students training, before they are going to be used in the classroom. I am only getting 20 and my classes have 28 students in them but this will work. I have students who I know I can pair and work really well together. Next task ahead of me is to create an Edmodo Lesson Plan for our silent day coming up. The students however this week have been working in Google Drive on Presentations on the different types of Scientist. Most students cannot get over the fact they do not have to hit save. They are learning how to navigate the web and also Google itself.  It awesome to see changes already in my some of my students but other students are still a work in progress. Now its time to start really planning all of my activities so that I can get them started. 

Year Goal: Gen 1 Project: Develop critical thinking, 21st century skill, self-paced learners. 
Weekly Goal: Grade Presentations and Create Edmodo Lesson Plan 
Today's Goal: Go to bed its almost midnight..... :) 

Also, planning an independent study for one of my students. Hope for the best. :) 

Changes are here...........

Ashley Keeling 

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