Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Long awaited UPDATE!!!!

Well, I have not blogged in a long time and there has been so many things taking place I do not know where to start. 

First, the students have been working on the Gen 1's almost daily. There have been days that we have not gotten them out due to the lab we were doing or like today I went back through all of their notes that we have taken up to this point. Reteach, reteach, reteach...... 

Second, speaking of notes I have been posting notes into Google Drive and having the students take them off of the iPad. Currently, I was talking through the notes as they copy them off their iPad but this is not as effective as I would have liked. So, today I had to back track and reteach them. I wanted to make sure the students understand the key concepts of the unit. The nice thing about the way my notes are structured is that each presentation is a chapter. Most of the presenations are between 4 to 10 slides long. 

Third, I and the students have made it through my first observation of the year. The students were working on a Venn Diagram on two concepts that we learning about at the time. The first part of the assignment was to create a list of six facts about each term. The next part was to teach the students about Educreations. They had to create a smiley face and write their name. I then taught them how to upload the screen shot to Google Drive. The next day was my observation and the students had to create a Venn Diagram in Educreations, take a screen shot of it and then upload it to Google Drive. There were good and bad things about this project. One bad thing was the fact I forgot to tell them that they only needed 3 facts for each category instead of 6.

Fourth, I am trying to make sure that I have not forgot anything related to iPads and I know I have. So, I created a meeting with my wonderful tech coach. I also apologized for not getting in touch sooner. 

Now its time to rework my units and get them mapped out...again. I am also very excited about creating fossils and doing an elemental baby book. The students love getting the iPads out and they ask every day if they are getting to use them. They also get very excited when other students are gone and you can probably guess why when you find out I only have 20 Gen 1's and my class sizes range from 22 to 27 students. One down side is that the stands I bought are not actually made for the an iPad but they work for what we need right now. I also wish we had key boards but right now the students are making due with the iPad. Please do not take this as me complaining about them because I am extremely thankful for the iPads and what changes they have brought to my classroom and my students. 

So, this is some of the things that I have done and have had happen to me since my last post. This is not all either and more is coming. 

More coming soon...... 

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